Picture of school lunch featuring pizza and salad

Parents and families of Monroe County Schools,

As you are aware, schools have been able to offer students breakfast and lunch at no charge during the last two school years. This benefit was made possible due to the support of the United States Department of Agriculture continuing waivers created during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the waivers for student meals at no charge have not been renewed at the Federal level for school year 2022-2023.  We will be returning to the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program with reimbursement categories of Free, Reduced and Paid.  If you believe your student(s) are eligible for Free or Reduced benefits, it will be necessary to complete and submit a Free & Reduced Meal Application prior to the start of school. Only one Free & Reduced Meal Application per household is needed.  Free and Reduced Meal Applications will be available online at SchoolCafe.com beginning July 1st with a deadline of July 25th.

For more information about Monroe County’s School Nutrition Program, please contact Sandy Peppers, Lead Manager, at sandy.peppers@mcschools.org or Lisa Budd, Director of School Nutrition, at lisa.budd@mcschools.org or by calling (478)992-5609.

The entire Monroe County Schools Nutrition team is looking forward to supporting you and your student(s) navigate the changes for the upcoming school year.