BioClub is a club for students who are passionate about science and want to collaborate with others who share their interests and learn more about scientific discoveries, practices, and careers that relate to Biology.


2019-2020 BioClub Goals:

  • Discuss recent scientific discoveries in meetings

  • Celebrate science-related calendar events (DNA Day, Darwin Day, Earth Day)

  • Host guest speakers

  • Attend Club Outings

    • To be eligible to attend BioClub outings, you must be an active participant in the club!

  • Community Service:

    • Tutor 10th grade students in Biology

    • Participation in elementary school STEM night

Dues:  $20.00

NABT offers a college scholarship to Seniors.

Seniors who are interested in receiving a cord must have earned 30 points over the course of the 19-20 school year
    • Attending Meetings- 3 meetings Fall; 4 meetings spring: 1 point

    • Presenting on scientific discovery of interest at a meeting: 2 points

    • Tutoring during Milestones (“Spring Cleaning”): 1 point per session

    • Participation in STEM Night(s): 10 points

    • Outside Community Service relating to BioClub: 2 point per hour of service

    • Community service must be approved by club sponsors and documented to count toward points.

Club Sponsors

Lauren Griffin -

Ashley McIntosh -