Mary Persons High School will graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global society.


ALL students at Mary Persons High School will learn, grow, and succeed.

Belief Statements

Mary Persons High School believes:

  • ALL students can learn.

  • ALL students will graduate.

  • a safe environment ensures optimal performance from students and staff.

  • in nurturing a student’s intellectual and emotional needs in an environment of high expectations, respect, and dignity.

  • student learning occurs through a variety of teaching and assessment strategies.

  • in an environment where students, parents, staff, and community share the responsibility of advancing the school’s mission.

  • in recruiting, hiring, nurturing, and retaining a dedicated and highly trained staff.


“Committed to Excellence. Focused on Success”

Battle Cry


School Mascot - Bulldogs

School Colors - Black & Gold

History of Mary Persons High School

Alma Mater