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Writing Grants on behalf of the Monroe County School System or Schools

The Monroe County Board of Education and Administration of Monroe County Schools appreciates the continued support our parents and community members provide in an effort to offset expenses to taxpayers by researching and applying for grants on behalf of either the school system or an individual school.

As such, all grant applications completed on behalf of Monroe County Schools must be submitted to the Superintendent or his/her designee for approval prior to submitting the documents to the individual or organization issuing the grant.  Grants submitted will be reviewed based on the use of the funds to enhance the curriculum for students, the appropriateness of the purpose of the grant based on the curriculum and age level of the learners involved, the intended outcomes to enhance student achievement, the requirements for the administration of the grant, and in-kind funding requirements.

Grants sought for a particular school should be submitted to the principal of the school who will review with the appropriate system grade-level assistant superintendent who will then discuss with the superintendent.  The principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent will gather input from appropriate staff members and review the proposal seeking additional information as needed from the individual or group seeking the grant.  Grants applied for on behalf of the system or group of schools will be submitted to the superintendent for approval.  The superintendent and assistant superintendents will review the grant seeking faculty input where needed and additional information from the individual or group writing the grant.

Data and any other information required for grant completion will be provided when and if the grant application is approved.  Monroe County Schools adheres to student and family privacy requirements as outlined in the Federal Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA).

Monroe County Schools has the right to decline acceptance of grants not meeting expectations as outlined above.  Furthermore, grants which have not gone through the appropriate approval process may be declined or returned to the grantor.