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SkillsUSA will be featured on the PBS program "American Graduate Day"



SkillsUSA will be featured on the PBS program "American Graduate Day," airing live nationwide on Saturday, September 28, from noon -- 7 p.m. EDT. The program will spotlight 20 organizations --- including SkillsUSA --- that help keep students on the path to graduation and successful futures. SkillsUSA's segment is currently scheduled to air at or around 1:30 p.m.; it will be hosted by Bianna Golodryga, co-anchor of the weekend edition of "Good Morning America." Along with taped messages from Mike Rowe, Air Products CEO John McGlade, and other video testimonials, Golodryga will be speaking live in-studio with SkillsUSA advisor Alice Gannon-Boss and student Chris Jimerson. Jimerson had been struggling at Ypsilanti (Mich.) High School until Gannon-Boss, the school's culinary instructor, introduced him to SkillsUSA and ignited a passion for culinary arts that kept him in school, helped him find employment and inspired him to go on to college. The program has the potential to reach 70 percent of America's television viewing audience, so it's a great opportunity for the life-changing work SkillsUSA advisors and members are doing locally to be recognized nationwide.

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