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  About The School  

Mission/Vision/Motto/Belief Statement

Mission Statement

Mary Persons High School is committed to the educational development of all students, focusing on the development of their abilities to think independently and to acquire the knowledge and skills to enable them to function as responsible members of today’s society.



Mary Persons High School will be recognized as a 21st century learning institution that is committed to excellence for ALL students.



“Committed to Excellence…Focused on Success”


Belief Statements

Mary Persons High School faculty believes:


  • ALL students can learn.
  • In graduating students on time with the skills necessary for them to succeed
  • A safe environment ensures optimal performance from students and staff.
  • In nurturing a student’s intellectual and emotional needs in an environment of high expectations, respect, and dignity.
  • Student learning occurs through a variety of teaching and assessment strategies.
  • In an environment where students, parents, staff, and community share the responsibility of advancing the school’s mission.
  • In recruiting, hiring, nurturing, and retaining a dedicated and highly trained staff.